Virgin Plus ‘Winback’ Deal Offers $50/50GB Plan to Lure Back Customers

Virgin Plus

Bell’s Virgin Plus is offering up a ‘winback’ plan in the form of $50 per month for 50GB of data.

Wireless carriers offer exclusive sweetheart deals to lure back former customers with these so-called ‘winback’ plans, offering savings not available anywhere else. The closest deals on the Virgin Plus website are plans at $55/30GB and $50/20GB for only 24 months.

In this case, the email received by a RFD user shows Virgin Plus saying “keep your current phone or get a hot new and get 50GB for $50/month,” meaning the plan is being offered for bring your own device or hardware upgrades.

Image: ‘Kingmatcha’ on RFD

Others pointed out similar winback deals recently seen from Fido were at $35/50GB, while other promos have been at around $30/50GB and $55/100GB for reference.

The deal says the usual $50 connection fee will be waived and the offer is good until March 28, 2023.

Of course, these ‘winback’ deals are ‘your mileage may vary’ (YMMV) type offers, as not everybody will receive them. But it’s good to keep an eye out on your emails if you’ve recently switched away from one of the ‘Big 3’ carriers and their flanker brands.