Bell and Rogers ‘5G+’ Carrier Icons Debut in iOS 16.4

bell rogers 5G+ icons

With the public release of iOS 16.4 for iPhone users, many in Canada are starting to see a ‘5G+’ carrier icon from Bell and Rogers, with their compatible 5G plans.

Many iPhone in Canada readers such as Rogers customer Sagar, noted the 5G+ icon is now present for his iPhone.

Similar Bell customers on 5G+ plans also shared they are seeing the 5G+ icon, with many noting this was visible since the early beta days of iOS 16.4.

5G+ bands offer faster download speeds and increased bandwidth leveraging the 3500 MHz 5G spectrum. Bell debuted 5G+ plans last June, while Rogers also did the same, and Telus as well.

We’ve reached out to Telus for comment on whether they will introduce a 5G+ carrier icon for iPhone users. Stay tuned for an update.

Apple released iOS 16.4 yesterday for the masses and it introduces a variety of new features, including new emojis and more.