First Apple Job Cuts to Affect Some Corporate Retail Teams: Report

Image: Apple

Apple is set to eliminate some roles in its development and preservation teams responsible for the upkeep and construction of Apple retail stores and other facilities globally, according to unnamed sources speaking to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

The job cuts, which have not been announced by Apple, represent a new step for the company, as it embarks on its first known internal job cuts since beginning its cost-cutting effort last year.

Although the exact number of positions being eliminated couldn’t be determined, Apple is positioning the move as a streamlining effort rather than layoffs. The affected employees will have the opportunity to reapply for several roles similar to their previous jobs, and those who don’t take a new role will receive up to four months of pay, say sources.

Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the cuts will affect some management roles, and employees in those roles who are rehired as individual contributors may not have the same compensation.

Other tech giants, including Amazon and Alphabet’s Google, have cut tens of thousands of jobs amid pandemic-era hiring sprees, while Apple largely held off on corporate layoffs even as it trimmed budgets and pared back much of its contractor workforce.

Apple declined to comment on the job cuts, which are positioned to improve store upkeep globally, but sources said the changes were designed to improve the upkeep of stores around the world. The move also represents a new step for the world’s most valuable company, which has been slashing its ranks in the face of a shaky economy and sluggish consumer spending.