Telus Launches Virtual Pet Care App in Ontario

telus health mypet app

Telus Health has expanded its virtual pet care platform, known as MyPet, to Ontario. The service first launched last fall in B.C., allowing pet owners to bring virtual care to their furry friends.

Through the Telus Health MyPet app, experienced veterinarians can provide dog and cat owners with care for a range of health issues, from behavioural challenges to nutritional management and parasite control. The platform offers a complementary service available to support dog and cat owners in Ontario with preventative health care and non-urgent medical interventions.

“Patient-centric, high-quality virtual care should be available to all members of our family, including our beloved dogs and cats,” said Juggy Sihota, Chief Growth Officer, Telus Health, in a statement on Tuesday.

The app allows for consultation notes to be accessed within the app and medical records can be shared with a regular family veterinarian to ensure continuity of care. The platform is not meant to replace in-person physical exams, vaccinations or tests for pets, but is a service available to those with mobility issues or people living in remote areas.

“Bringing Telus Health MyPet to Ontario is yet another example of how we are leveraging our world-leading technology to not only empower people around the world to take a proactive role in their own health and that of their family members – even the furry ones, but also how we are supporting thousands of health care professionals, like veterinarians, with flexibility to address the increasing demand for their time,” added Sihota.

The Telus Health MyPet app is available to download for iOS and Android, with consultations with Ontario-based vets charged per session. Telus says it plans to expand the virtual pet care service to other provinces throughout 2023.

All veterinarians working through Telus Health MyPet in Ontario are affiliated with Toronto-based Pet Telemedicine Veterinary Care. Telus says Trupanion is also waiving sign up fees for Telus Health MyPet users if they subscribe to a pet insurance policy.