Apple Suppliers Increased Renewable Electricity by 30% in the Last Year

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Apple announced on Wednesday its manufacturing partners now support over 13 gigawatts of renewable electricity worldwide, representing a nearly 30% increase in the last year.

The company stated that more than 250 suppliers operating in 28 countries have committed to using renewable energy for all Apple production by 2030. These commitments account for over 85% of Apple’s direct manufacturing spend and more than 20 gigawatts in renewable energy pledges.

Currently, carbon neutral for its global corporate emissions, Apple employs innovative strategies to work towards its ambitious 2030 goal of achieving carbon neutrality for every product. This includes the allocation of $4.7 billion in Green Bonds, which are helping finance the expansion of clean energy solutions and emissions reductions globally.

“At Apple, we’re carbon neutral for our own operations and innovating every day to go even further in the urgent work to address climate change,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. He added that the company is collaborating with partners worldwide to add more renewable energy to power its global supply chain and invest in next-generation green technologies. Cook emphasized the immense scale of the challenge but reiterated Apple’s determination to tackle it.

In the past year, over 40 manufacturing partners have joined Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy Program, which encourages suppliers to decarbonize all Apple-related operations, including sourcing 100% renewable electricity. Apple works closely with its suppliers to identify and implement clean energy and carbon reduction solutions, providing a range of free learning resources and live training through its Clean Energy Academy.

“Our new supplier commitments demonstrate the rapid pace of progress we’re making toward our 2030 carbon neutrality goal. We are taking urgent action on a global scale to unlock a greener, more innovative, and more resilient future,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives.

The Supplier Clean Energy Program has increased the expansion of renewable electricity capacity worldwide by Apple suppliers. Since 2019, operational renewable energy across Apple’s global supply chain has increased fivefold, reaching 13.7 gigawatts. This resulted in 17.4 million metric tons of avoided carbon emissions in the last year, equivalent to taking nearly 3.8 million cars off the road.

Apple also supports around 1.5 gigawatts of renewable electricity worldwide to power its corporate offices, data centers, and retail stores in 44 countries. Additionally, the company has directly invested in nearly 500 megawatts of solar and wind energy in China and Japan to target upstream supply chain emissions.