iPhone 14 Holds Value Better Than Galaxy S23, Pixel 7: Report

Apple’s iPhone 14 series retains its value 1.4 times better than Samsung’s Galaxy S23 lineup, according to a report from mobile marketplace SellCell.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series came out in September of last year, while Samsung’s Galaxy S23 line only started shipping in February.

Comparing prices for used phones (in both “Like New” and “Good” condition) from each of the flagship lineups two months after their respective launches, SellCell found that iPhone 14 models only depreciated by an average of 31% or 35% of their MSRP in Like New or Good condition, respectively, in the two months following their launch, while phones from the S23 lineup lost 43.3% (Like New condition) or 47.7% (Good condition) of their value on average in the same time.

Image: SellCell

SellCell also evaluated Google’s current flagship lineup, the Pixel 7, which fared even worse than the Galaxy S23 series and lost up to more than half its value. On average, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro depreciated by 45.9% for units in Like New condition and a whopping 51.1% if in Good condition two months after launch.

These findings demonstrate that the iPhone continues to be a killer deal for value retention, beating out all of the competition. SellCell‘s report did, however, note that the S23 lineup is better at holding value than its predecessor, the Galaxy S22, while the iPhone 14 series, on average, retained 5.7% less value two months post-launch as compared to 2021’s iPhone 13 series.

“S23 is, however, performing better than the S22 range (2 months post launch) closing the value gap against the iPhone 14. iPhone 14 has also underperformed vs. iPhone 13 in value retention, worth 5.7% less,” the report reads.

While Samsung has already churned out its flagship smartphone lineup for this year, Apple isn’t expected to unveil this year’s iPhone 15 lineup until the tech giant’s usual iPhone launch window in September. We’re anticipating plenty of upgrades for the iPhone 15 series, possibly including the thinnest display bezels ever and an Apple Watch Ultra-like Action button on the Pro models.

Google, meanwhile, could announce its next-generation Pixel 8 lineup (or at least the Pixel 7a) at its I/O developer event in May.