Apple Weather App Issue Still Not Fully Resolved

Apple’s Weather app, which has been experiencing sporadic outages in Canada and other countries for the past few days, has still not been fully fixed.

Weather app still not working

According to Apple’s support website, the Weather app continues to show “1 Issue” affecting some users, for whom the service may be slow or unavailable.

For several days, Apple’s Weather app has been unable to display the weather forecast, leaving affected users without live data across the globe.

The main page of the app appears totally bare, with the hourly forecast reading “Weather Unavailable” atop the map. The Weather app widget also reads “No weather data.”

This issue isn’t only localized to iPhones either. Users are experiencing this problem across iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS devices.

Weather app status

As of the time of writing, Apple’s System Status page is showing the Weather app has “1 Issue” and “2 Resolved Issues.” It remains unknown how long it will take Apple to resolve the issue completely.

Earlier this week, it was reported that iOS 16.4.1 is being prepped for a release soon, which will fix the Weather app issue along with the Wi-Fi password bug plaguing some users.