Apple Fix for Weather App Not Working Coming in iOS 16.4.1, Says Report

Image: Apple

With Apple’s Weather app being down for the count or working sporadically since we told you about the problem five days ago, it now appears a software update will be released to fix the problem.

That’s according to a reliable source speaking with MacRumors, that said iOS 16.4.1 is being prepped for a release either this week or next. The update will also reportedly fix Wi-Fi issues plaguing some users where they had to keep re-entering passwords.

In our location, the Weather app works fine on our iPhone and so does the widget. But this isn’t the case for everyone it seems.

With iOS 16, Apple introduced improvements to the Weather app. You can “Tap forecast modules for details about air quality, local forecasts and more. Get hourly forecasts for the next 10 days and receive government notifications about severe weather events like tornadoes, winter storms, flash floods and more,” says Apple.

Apple released iOS 16.4 and other software updates to the masses back on March 27, 2023.