iPhone 15 Pro Max CAD Renders Revealed by Reliable Leaker [PICS]

Iphone 15 pro max render 3

We now have what appear to be renders of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it comes from reliable leaker ShrimpApplePro. Just over a year ago, the leaker also shared CAD renders of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

“Excited to share photos of the iPhone 15 Pro Max CAD! This one was source from a case manufacturer. I know others have already shared the 3D model, but I wanted to give you my own w/ a closer look. As promised, the most detailed!” said the leaker on Saturday.

Four images shared showed alleged CAD renders for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which look similar to previous renders shared yesterday by 9to5Mac.

“Note that the measurements of my iPhone 15 Pro Max 3D model may not be exactly the same as others out there but I believe its measurements are accurate and wanted to share them with you. The cad last year I did a recheck and it was super accurate,” said the leaker.

Case makers usually get the specifications for future iPhones ahead of time to plan their designs. This always results in leaks.

“Last year it was the new display with pill+hole cutout, and this year it’s the solid state button! It also have some weird objects sits on top of it but not sticking to it,” said ShrimpApplePro.

“When I did some inspections, I think I found what it is! And it’s likely the conductive padding for the buttons as that will be fused in phone cases and will help it receive full gestures or actions/sensitivity as some previous rumors mentioned,” added the leaker.

“And guess what phone also have the buttons padding? The normal iPhone 15 and 15 Plus! They also have them, So the normal version will have solid state buttons but not the conjoined volume buttons, with the old mute switch.”

Iphone 15 pro max render 4

Here’s the bottom of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, showing 4 and 6 speaker hole cutouts, still:

Iphone 15 pro max render 2

The rear renders show a larger camera bump it seems:

Iphone 15 pro max render

The rumour for this year’s iPhone 15 Pro is an Action Button may emerge on the side like Apple Watch Ultra, allowing for new shortcut functions on the side of the iPhone.

Apple is expected to unveil its next lineup of iPhones in September of this year, again.