Telus Challenges TTC to Open Up Rogers Subway Network [u]

With Rogers now commanding the TTC’s subway network for cellular and Wi-Fi—by purchasing BAI Canada—other wireless rivals aren’t too happy about the decision.

Earlier today, we told you about how Bell found the Rogers acquisition of BAI Canada “surprising,” slamming the TTC in the process for not making the deal an open bidding process.

Now, we can tell you the position of Telus and what it thinks of the TTC handing network access to Rogers.

A Telus spokesperson told iPhone in Canada on Tuesday morning, “Torontonians want a solution that addresses the increased safety concerns about network connectivity along the TTC.” The spokesperson emphasized, “This needs to include access for all cellular providers, so that all riders have coverage.”

For now, only Rogers and Freedom Mobile customers will have access to cellular networks on the TTC subway.

“We are committed to working with the TTC and other carriers to deliver a solution that ensures full access for all riders, as we have successfully done in other cities such as Vancouver and Montreal,” added the Telus spokesperson.

Again, Bell and Telus will likely have to strike a deal with Rogers to obtain access to underground cellular networks. Maybe they might all play nice, but Rogers could hold exclusive 5G access to underground networks as a selling point to Toronto customers.

Update April 11: Rogers told iPhone in Canada it plans to start discussions with other carriers to participate in the network.