Google Releases Android 14 Beta 1 for Download

Google has just released the first Beta of Android 14 for developers and early adopters and is now being pushed to supported devices for download.

Download android 14 beta 1

Here are some system refinements you might notice in Android 14 Beta 1:

  • New back arrow to help improve back gesture understanding and usefulness.
  • A superior system sharesheet.
  • Android 14 also adds new graphics features that you can use to make your app stand out.
  • Enhanced per-app language preferences allow for dynamic customization of the set of languages displayed in the Android Settings.
  • Limited visibility to disability-focused accessibility services.

Developers who haven’t yet tested their app for compatibility with Android 14 can now do so and fix any issues the may encounter.


To test for compatibility, install your published app on a device or emulator running Android 14 Beta and work through all of the app’s flows.

Google says it will regularly update the preview and beta system images and SDK throughout the Android 14 release cycle.

You can visit the Android 14 developer site for more information about the beta, including downloads for Pixel and the release timeline.