WhatsApp Rolls Out Device Verification, Automatic Security Codes, and More

WhatsApp has just announced a handful of new security updates, including account and device verification, as well as an Automatic Security Codes feature.


Below are the details of the new security features WhatsApp will be adding in the coming months.

Account Protect:

In the future, WhatsApp may ask you on your old device to verify that you want to switch your account to a new device.

This feature can help alert you to an unauthorized attempt to move your account to another device.

Device Verification:

To help prevent mobile device malware, WhatsApp is adding checks to help authenticate your account with no action needed from you. This lets you continue using WhatsApp uninterrupted.

Automatic Security Codes:

In order to make the existing security code verification feature easier and more accessible to everyone, WhatsApp will be rolling out a security feature based on “Key Transparency.”

This means that when you click on the encryption tab, you’ll be able to verify right away that your personal conversation is secured.

Additionally, WhatsApp is encouraging users to turn on two-step verification and enable end-to-end encrypted backups.