Download Free Foodies Sticker Pack for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has just announced the launch of a new Foodies sticker pack, which is now available as a free download for all WhatsApp users.

Free Stickers for WhatsApp

Last week, WhatsApp updated its iOS app to introduce a new feature for custom stickers for Apple users.

iOS 16 lets you tap and hold on a photo to create a photo cutout. In the latest version of WhatsApp, you can create custom stickers from these photo cutouts.

Now, the company has released an exclusive Foodies sticker pack. “Hungry for some new Stickers?,” the company said in a tweet earlier.

Simply click here to download the new Foodie Sticker pack of WhatsApp.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp allowed group admins to control who joins groups, with a new toggle in settings to “Approve new participants.”

The company has also recently added support for iOS picture-in-picture, so you can multitask during a call without your video being paused.