Telus Plants 1 Millionth Tree at Telus Garden

TELUS One Millionth Tree

The 1 millionth tree at Telus Garden

Telus says it has marked a major environmental milestone by planting its 1 millionth tree at Telus Garden. In the supplied image to iPhone in Canada, we can see the 1 millionth tree pictured above in a planter (looks like a Japanese Maple?).

This achievement is equivalent to covering 20,000 acres of forest, twenty times the size of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, it said on Monday.

As the world grapples with biodiversity loss, Telus is joining forces with restoration leaders such as Veritree and Flash Forest to harness innovative technology and transform nature-based solutions, aiming to replenish both forests and seaforests.

Focusing initially on projects in western Canada and around the globe, Telus, Veritree, and Flash Forest are determined to combat the decline in global tree populations, which have reduced by approximately 48% over the past two centuries, and the loss of over 40% of the world’s kelp forests in the last five decades.

“Planting trees and restoring kelp forests is critically important because trees and underwater habitats are essential nature-based climate solutions,” said Geoff Pegg, Head of Sustainability at Telus in an issued statement.

This tree-planting accomplishment is part of Telus’ broader pledge to become a zero-waste, carbon-neutral company by 2030. Their dedication to a sustainable future has earned Telus a spot among Canada’s Top 100 Greenest Employers.

The recently released 2022 Sustainability Report showcases Telus’ environment, social, and governance strategy and objectives, including an ambitious goal to rely on 100% renewable or low-emitting energy by 2025.

Telus’ sustainable business practices have led to significant milestones, such as reducing company-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 45% since 2010, generating and purchasing 215,000 Megawatt hours of renewable energy since 2010, and diverting 70% of the company’s waste from landfills between October 2021 and September 2022.

Telus told iPhone in Canada the majority of their trees are planted in Western Canada, with the first tree planted about 20 years ago. The pictured tree above is a coral bark Japanese maple.

Telus Garden consists of an entire city block in downtown Vancouver, B.C., at the corner of West Georgia and Richards, with a 24-story office building that makes up 500,000 square feet.