Opera One Browser Gets Revamped UI, Tab Islands, Multithreading, and More

The latest version of Opera One brings a revamped UI with new features such as Tab Islands, fast and buttery-smooth animations, and more.

Opera one

According to the developers, the browser uses a new Multithreaded Compositor to render multithreading in Chromium-based browsers.

The main thread is responsible for coordinating and managing the overall rendering process, whereas the compositor thread is responsible for effects like animations and transitions.

In case the main thread stalls, the compositor thread takes what the main thread has produced and makes sure it is displayed on the screen as the user scrolls through it.

Opera One light mode Multithreaded Compositor Post 16x9 1 1536x864

Opera One now also includes a compositor thread in the UI. This way, if the UI thread is blocked, the animations are not affected by stuttering or hitching.

Lastly, the developers have now also switched to using layer-based animations. These will run exclusively in the compositor thread without any UI involvement.

The updates ensure when you use Opera One, you continue to enjoy smooth animations and a better user experience no matter what.

Click here to download the latest version of Opera One.