Reddit Introduces Discord-Like Chat Channels

Reddit has started testing chat channels similar to Discord, in a move to give more avenues for community members to interact with each other (via TechCrunch).


The social networks is currently testing the feature with 25 volunteer subreddits, with each participating community having less than 100,000 members.

According to Reddit, these will be dedicated spaces, rather than a one-off post that floats on by. “This is your place for general discussion, a place to share random quips and reactions.”

The channels will be persistent on the community navigation bar so members can revisit them frequently.

Reddit chat channels

The new feature will also have a dedicated channel for moderators to chat about managing the subreddit. They will also have the option to decide whether they want to enable this feature or not.

“We love our ‘tree of posts,’ asynchronous text-based communities, and making sure they have what they need to thrive is important to us. At the same time, we want to provide options for communities that like to interact in different ways, or that have sub-groups that like to interact in different ways.”

To learn more about Reddit chat channels, visit this link.