Oldest Apple Store at Tysons Corner is Moving to a New Location

Apple’s first-ever retail store, which opened in May 2001 at Tysons Corner, is not only getting a modern renovation after 22 years but also a new location.

Apple Tysons Corner

While Apple has not yet made an official announcement regarding the store’s relocation, Michael Steeber notes it will soon be movied within a shopping mall in Tysons, Virginia (via MacRumors).

Here’s what Steeber wrote:

The first-ever Apple Store opened 22 years ago here at Tysons Corner. Soon we look forward to welcoming you to this newly reimagined space. Thank you for being part of our story. Here’s to the next chapter.

Apple Tysons Corner 2001

“It goes without saying that this opening will be significant because it’s the first time the first Apple Store has ever moved. But this opening will be much more than that — trust me. Tysons Corner is where it all began,” adds Steeber.

When visiting the Apple Tysons Corner website, you are presented with “a new chapter is coming soon” teaser, as shown above. No further details have yet been provided.

Meanwhile, the mall’s website notes Apple’s new store will be located on the upper level between Nespresso and Victoria’s Secret.

Watch the following YouTube video showing Steve Jobs conducting a tour of Apple Tysons Corner and unveiling the Genius Bar and more.

YouTube video