Freedom Mobile Explains to Customers How ‘Service is Getting Better’

freedom mobile customer promise

Freedom Mobile has updated its website with a new section called ‘Customer Promise’ that details how “service is getting better”,” and also how “we’re just getting started.”

The website comes after many Freedom Mobile customers started noticing their free 10% data bonus from new owner Videotron has started rolling out.

The promises from Freedom Mobile are part of the agreement between the federal government and Quebecor, as part of the requirements of the latter’s purchase of the wireless carrier from Shaw, a side deal from the Rogers-Shaw merger.

Freedom Mobile reiterates a price freeze guarantee, and forthcoming 5G and network expansion. We also get some more details about the 10% data bonus being applied to customer accounts.

Starting in May, Freedom Mobile customers with recurring data will receive a 10% increase in their monthly Freedom data allowance for free. This data bonus has no expiration date and will be available to customers as long as they stay on their current eligible rate plan with an active account.

In addition to the data bonus, Freedom Mobile is introducing a Mobility Price Freeze Guarantee for existing customers.

“This means that while all your other monthly bills may fluctuate, any Freedom mobile rate plan you are on will never see an increase. Guaranteed. This is another way we are bringing affordability to Canadians,” says Freedom Mobile’s website.

The guarantee covers both postpaid and prepaid plans and applies to all existing and future rate plans, including discontinued plans.

“We will never raise the price of your wireless rate plan (prior to any discounts and credits), guaranteed! As long as you are a Freedom customer, the price of your existing wireless rate plan will stay the same. Also, any wireless rate plan you may choose to move to in the future, that new rate plan price will also never see any price increase. Your mobile rate plan will remain covered by the Mobility Price Freeze Guarantee in the event that the mobile rate plan you are currently on becomes discontinued in the future,” explains the company.

Freedom Mobile is also preparing to roll out 5G services, promising faster speeds and lower latency to enhance the mobile experience for its customers. Further network expansion is in the works, with more announcements expected soon. Videotron needs to invest $150 million for 5G networks in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Quebec within two years as per its deal with the feds.

This particular website page is live but there’s no current link on the Freedom Mobile homepage to it, suggesting it’s available as either part of a test or an unlisted link for customer service to share with customers.

If you’re an existing Freedom Mobile customer, what are your thoughts on the changes coming to the network? Are you sticking around or are you going to jump ship to the next best deal when it arrives?

Thanks Spike!