May the 4th: New ‘Simpsons’ Star Wars Short Coming to Disney+

Maggie simpson may 4th

Disney+ will stream a new exclusive short from “The Simpsons” on Star Wars Day, also known as May the 4th.

Titled “Maggie Simpson in ‘Rogue Not Quite One’,” the new short will premiere in celebration of Star Wars Day, as it follows Maggie as she is inadvertently swept away on a galaxy-spanning adventure with Grogu in his hovering pram, after Homer loses track of her.

Facing off against a squadron of Imperial TIE fighters, Maggie brings the battle to Springfield in this epic tribute to the Star Wars universe. New key art has been released, offering fans a first glimpse of Maggie’s interstellar escapades.

“Maggie Simpson in ‘Rogue Not Quite One’” is the latest addition to a collection of exclusive shorts from “The Simpsons” on Disney+.

The streaming service currently features previously released shorts such as “The Simpsons meet the Bocellis in ‘Feliz Navidad’,” “Welcome to the Club,” “When Billie Met Lisa” (Emmy nominated), “Maggie Simpson in ‘The Force Awakens from Its Nap’” (Emmy nominated), “The Good, The Bart, and The Loki,” and “The Simpsons in Plusaversary.”

The previous shorts from “The Simpsons” are all pretty hilarious. Can’t wait for this one to drop.

These fun shorts and more in “The Simpsons” collection can be viewed on Disney+; you can click here to sign up.

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