Nest Locator Tag Leaks on Google Website: Apple AirTag Rival?

Over the past few months, several reports have emerged regarding Google developing its own Bluetooth location-tracking device, similar to Apple’s AirTags.

Google Nest Locator Tag

Earlier this year, developer and leaker Kuba Wojciechowski claimed that Google’s tracker would be part of the Nest family, but it wasn’t certain at the time.

The device, tentatively named the “Nest Locator Tag,” has now been leaked on Google’s Material Icons reference page for developers (via Chrome Unboxed).

This newly spotted icon also suggests that Wojciechowski was correct, and the device is, in fact, a Nest product.

Google Nest Locator Tag leak png

Looking at the Nest Locator Tag icon above, it appears to be the same as the Nest Tag used by Nest Secure users to quickly enable or disable their security system.

The latter is now mostly obsolete thanks to Google’s ADT partnership and recently launched self-setup system.

Given that the Material Icons page is official Google-owned, and the text explicitly states “Nest Locator Tag,” it seems that the company is planning to repurpose the design of the Nest Secure Tags.

So far, there has been no official announcement from Google, so it remains to be seen when the device will be released, what will be its price compared to the AirTags, or what features it will it have.