Apple TV+ Original ‘Severance’ Being Filmed in Newfoundland

severance apple tv+

The picturesque landscapes of Newfoundland’s Bonavista Peninsula are currently buzzing with a touch of Hollywood. Stars including Director Ben Stiller, actors Adam Scott, and Patricia Arquette have converged on the region to shoot the Apple TV+ Original hit series, ‘Severance’, a dystopian workplace drama.

While the filming crew have strived to keep the project under wraps, the news has spread rapidly among the locals, turning it into the peninsula’s worst-kept secret, reports CBC News.

The towns of Bonavista, Keels, and Port Union are playing host to the shooting, and the flurry of activity has piqued the interest of local residents. Darryl Johnson, the town manager for Trinity Bay North, has been instrumental in facilitating the shoot by arranging road closures, all the while ensuring he maintains a discreet distance.

The filming is not only attracting attention but is also providing a welcome boost to the local economy. Hospitality businesses, hit hard by the pandemic, are enjoying the influx of the cast and crew.

Carl White, owner of the Seaport Inn and Carl’s Fireside Restaurant in Port Union, expressed his delight at the upturn in business. “All my rooms are filled for 18 days, so it’s great,” said White, who is also eagerly on the lookout for celebrities.

However, the excitement is not confined to the economic benefits alone. The presence of the production has ignited a sense of pride among the locals. Johnson mentioned, “It gives you a sense of pride after people coming here and wanting to shoot in your community.”

The filming of ‘Severance’ in Newfoundland is a clear departure from the small community’s usual pace, but as White remarked, “No one’s complaining, I gotta say. Everyone…can’t believe that there’s movie stars here.”

The first season of ‘Severance’ has nine episodes and is currently available on Apple TV+. Back in April 2022, Apple announced a second season of the show would be coming, ahead of the first season’s finale, while production began last fall.