Bell Offers Up to $30 Off 5G Plans, Matching Rogers Home Bundles

bell home bundles 5G

Earlier this month, Rogers launched some lower 5G plan pricing, while offering an even bigger discount for its newly-joined Shaw customers.

Now, Bell has matched these Rogers 5G plan discounts, offering its own home bundles as well. Bell’s website (changed on Saturday) now states you can save up to $30/month on 5G wireless plans, in the form of a credit when you bundle a home service.

Here are the Bell 5G plan discounts when you bundle a home service:

  • $55/25GB (save $10/month for 24 months)
  • $65/50GB (save $20/month for 24 months)
  • $75/100GB (save $30/month)

Bell says when you add family members to your account, they can save $30/month for 24 months on each additional line with an Essential or Ultimate plan.

The Bell website even looks like a direct clone of the Roger website as well, when you compare screenshots of both side-by-side.

rogers home bundle savings

Earlier this month when Rogers announced its new discounted 5G pricing, it also said it would extend its 5G network to all customers with a voice and data plan for free, no longer requiring an Infinite plan. It will be interesting to see if Bell or Telus will match this 5G network for all offer (likely they will).

On the weekend, Bell’s Virgin Plus also launched a $55/50GB promo plan, yet to be matched by Fido or Koodo.