Telly Offers Free 4K TVs, But with 24/7 Ads Built-In

Telly is offering its 55-inch 4K HDR TV with a built-in soundbar and a second screen mounted beneath the main display to its customers in the U.S. absolutely free.

Telly tv

For those unfamiliar, Telly is a new TV startup from Ilya Pozin, who previously cofounded the free streaming service Pluto TV. Telly’s flagship TV will showcase a combination of informative widgets and advertisements that cannot be disabled.

“We’re providing the device at no cost, and our entire business model relies on revenue streams from advertising, data, and affiliates,” explains Pozin (via Fast Company).

The company aims to distribute 500,000 free TVs throughout 2023 and has launched a waitlist to accommodate the high demand.

Telly tv 2

Telly says the secondary screen on its TV is not solely dedicated to ads. Demonstrations and product images show that the ads occupy approximately a quarter of the bottom screen, while the rest is utilized for information and interactive features.

Users can glance at weather updates, and news tickers, or even control music playback conveniently. Even when the main screen is turned off, the bottom panel remains lit at a reduced brightness level.

“We believe this is the vision of a TV in 2023,” asserts Pozin.

Telly has already shipped a limited number of TVs for private beta testing and aims to fulfill waitlist orders starting this summer.

Whether the free Telly TV offer becomes available in Canada or not remains to be seen. Pluto TV is already available here for free. Will Telly’s free 4K might also make its way to Canada in the near future? Who’s willing to accept non-stop ads in exchange for a free TV? What’s the final price on your soul?