Twitter Blue Debuts 2-Hour Long Video Uploads

Twitter Blue subscribers are now being offered the opportunity to share more content with their followers through extended video uploads. This new feature allows subscribers to upload videos up to 2 hours long (1080p) on and Twitter for iOS, and up to 10 minutes long on Android.

The perk of Twitter Blue and the ability to “Post longer videos” has been teased since earlier this year.

This new video upload capability is part of Twitter’s goal to compete with YouTube as a platform for creators to share content. Recently, Twitter started allowing users to create monthly subscriptions for content easily. Twitter said it will not be taking a cut from creators for the next year.

Regular Twitter users will be able to upload videos in lengths of 140 seconds across all platforms. All uploaded videos must comply with Twitter’s rules and regulations.

To upload longer videos, Twitter Blue subscribers can use the compose box on, select a video file from their device, and click ‘Tweet’ to share their content. There is no limit to the number of videos that can be uploaded, even if all videos are of maximum length.

Twitter says it strives to maintain the highest possible video quality for all uploads. However, modifications may be made to adapt the video to different media, including adjusting the resolution and bitrate based on the viewer’s internet connection.

Chief Twit Elon Musk said this morning these 2-hour video uploads could be up to 8GB in file size.

The extended video upload feature supports all video file formats currently accepted by Twitter. You’ll likely want to watermark your video before you upload it to Twitter, because so many people like to re-share videos without crediting original creators.