Chatr Promo Offers Huge Data Bonus on Select Plans

chatr data bonus 17gb

Rogers-owned prepaid brand, Chatr, has debuted a huge data bonus on select plans.

For plans $40 or higher, a 17GB data bonus is available but only for eight months, and with auto-pay enabled (pre-authorized credit card payments).

After the data bonus, we get the following plans after auto-pay for 8 months:

  • $40/22GB
  • $50/27GB
  • $60/32GB
  • $70/37GB

The $60 and $70 plans include unlimited Canada/US talk and data at speeds up to 10 Mbps.

Again, this promo also is only for new activations and ends on May 23, 2023. Of course, this promo is also being offered by Bell’s Lucky Mobile.