Apple Shell Companies File Trademarks for ‘realityproOS’ and ‘realOS’

In the latest development surrounding Apple’s trademark activities, a couple of new filings have emerged that appear to be linked to the iPhone maker.

Apple mixed reality headset render

This comes shortly after the news that an Apple shell company is seeking to trademark “xrProOS” in preparation for the unveiling of Apple’s long-rumoured headset at WWDC in two weeks.

As reported by MacRumors, the first trademark filing of interest is for “realityproOS,” submitted in New Zealand by Immersive Health Solutions LLC.

This is the same company that previously sought protection for terms like “Reality One” and “Reality Pro,” speculated to be potential names for Apple’s forthcoming headset.

To hide early trademark protection efforts, this filing refers to a May 1 filing in Jamaica as the country’s trademark activity is not currently available online.

The second trademark, “realOS,” has also gained attention recently. Last year, an Apple shell company named Realityo Systems LLC registered the term broadly in Europe, covering various aspects of computers and operating systems.

Realityo Systems previously filed for “realityOS” in late 2021. The same company has since submitted additional filings for “realOS” in other countries as well.

Interestingly, Fujitsu previously owned the US trademark for “realOS” dating back to 2006. However, the trademark changed hands multiple times before being acquired by Realityo Systems in November 2022.