Koodo 5G Plans are Not Coming Says Telus

koodo hero may 2023

The big telecom news story of the day is the re-brand of Telus-owned Public Mobile, which is now offering unlimited 5G data plans.

This marks the first time a prepaid brand from the ‘Big 3’ is offering 5G network access. Heck, Public Mobile also beat flanker brands such as its sibling Koodo to the punch when it comes to 5G plans. Even Fido (Rogers) and Virgin Plus (Bell) don’t have 5G plans.

When we asked Telus why Public Mobile is bringing 5G speeds before Koodo, they gave us an answer in our story about the new 5G network launch.

But here it is again, for those that missed it. A Telus spokesperson told iPhone in Canada, “there are no plans to bring 5G wireless services to Koodo, however, Koodo customers with a 5G-capable phone can take full advantage of Canada’s largest 4G LTE network.”

The company emphasized, “Public Mobile serves a small but growing digitally savvy market,” and therefore they are “able to bring 5G to Public Mobile because of the savings delivered from the digital only and self-serve support model.”

Public Mobile’s 5G plans are cheaper when you pay for 90-day subscriptions, which works out to $65/50GB and $55/25GB plans. These are at ‘regular’ 5G speeds of up to 250 Mbps, with throttled speeds at 512 Kbps once you exhaust your data bucket. Of course, you’ll need to pay for up to three months in advance with a 90-day subscription.

So there you have it. Koodo 5G plans aren’t coming anytime soon if you were wondering. But maybe things might magically change one day? Rogers plans to offer 5G access to all customers, even if they aren’t on unlimited Infinite plans.

What are your thoughts on Koodo not getting 5G plans?