Public Mobile Launches Unlimited 5G Plans

Telus-owned Public Mobile has announced the launch of Canada’s first 5G subscription phone service. The news comes after earlier this week, we reported Public Mobile apps had leaked some details about unlimited 5G data plans. Some customers might have guessed changes were coming, as a maintenance window was announced for May 23 from 10:00 PM ET to May 24, 07:00 AM ET.

According to Public Mobile, the new offerings bring a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to payments. Customers can opt for a recurring monthly or 90-day subscription plan, paying a fixed fee each month, relieving them of bill surprises.

You’ll also notice there’s a re-brand with a new logo and website and company tagline, “different is calling.”

“At Public Mobile, we’ve always done things differently, because we aren’t afraid to be ourselves. We’re constantly evolving and embracing our uniqueness, just like we want you to embrace yours!”, said Jim Senko, “Chief of the Unexpected Officer” of Public Mobile, in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

“We know many Canadians are looking for something different when it comes to their phone service. You want something that fits your life, does what it promises, gives you the flexibility to change things up on your terms, with no surprises or extra fees,” added Senko in his Public Mobile announcement on Wednesday.

“With you in mind, we’ve designed something fresh and different, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it. Today we’re introducing Canada’s first 5G subscription phone service,” said Senko.

Public Mobile lets customers pick speeds and premium features that best align with their needs and budgets. The subscription service offers freedom, enabling changes or cancellations at any point, without any restrictions, thus mirroring the flexibility of other subscription services.

The new service also includes premium features and add-ons. Customers can choose unlimited data at 5G speeds, US roaming packages, and international long-distance calling options to over 40 countries. Plans at 4G speed will remain.

Public Mobile’s 5G unlimited plan pricing is as follows, with speeds up to 250 Mbps:

  • $80/50GB; $65 with a 90-day subscription and all data included upfront
  • $65/25GB; $55 with a 90-day subscription all data included upfront

The 90-day subscription saves you $15/month. After data buckets are exhausted, data is throttled to 512 Kbps.

Public Mobile’s 4G plans are as follows with download speeds up to 100 Mbps (slower than Chatr and Lucky Mobile at 150 Mbps):

  • $50/30GB; $45 with a 90-day subscription
  • $45/15GB
  • $39/20GB (promo)

Those that previously were on the $40/15GB promo plan should switch to the $39 plan as it’s cheaper and includes 5GB more data.

3G plans are still available but not on the company’s website. You only can see them within the Public Mobile apps during activation, or when switching to a new plan. The $25/1GB and $15/250MB 3G plans are still there, which include unlimited nationwide calling and messaging.

As for Public Mobile add-ons pricing? Check them out below…

US Roaming Add-On (15 days):

  • Talk and text – $15
  • Talk, text, 3GB data – $30

Canada Data (30 days):

  • 200 MB – $5
  • 1GB – $15
  • 3GB – $30

US Roaming Data (15 days)

  • 250MB – $10
  • 1GB – $20
  • 3GB – $25

Canada Add-ons for Minutes

  • 100 Philippines Long Distance Minutes – $15.00
  • 1000 U.K. Long Distance Minutes – $15.00
  • 1000 U.S. Long Distance Minutes – $15.00
  • Canada-wide Talk Booster 500 – $5.00
  • 300 International Long Distance Minutes – $15.00
  • 500 China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Long Distance Minutes – $15.00
  • 750 India & Pakistan Long Distance Minutes – $15.00

You’ll notice that data add-ons now expire after 30 days, when before there was no expiry date.

Interestingly enough, Public Mobile is debuting 5G service before its sibling Koodo, a flanker brand of Telus and using the latter’s 4G network. It’ll be interesting to see how other prepaid brands Lucky Mobile (Bell) and Chatr (Rogers) respond.

Also new are dedicated Public Mobile iPhone and Android apps that allow the management of subscription phone plans for new and existing users.

Activation of a Public Mobile subscription can be accomplished in minutes with eSIM support. Public Mobile says round-the-clock digital support is available in the app (well, through forum members), which also allows you to earn rewards with Public Points.

A recent survey commissioned by Public Mobile revealed that over 60% of Canadians believe a subscription service offers them cost certainty, convenience, and peace of mind. The survey also said 94% feel they deserve more options when it comes to mobile phone plans.

You can download the Public Mobile apps below:

Also worth noting, Public Mobile now uses EverSafe for 2-factor authentication when signing in, taking a page from Telus.

Update May 24: Why is Public Mobile introducing 5G speeds before Koodo? A Telus spokesperson told iPhone in Canada, “there are no plans to bring 5G wireless services to Koodo, however, Koodo customers with a 5G-capable phone can take full advantage of Canada’s largest 4G LTE network.”

“Public Mobile serves a small but growing digitally savvy market, and we are able to bring 5G to Public Mobile because of the savings delivered from the digital only and self-serve support model,” added the spokesperson.