Apple iPad Sale: Up to 20% Off with RBC Avion Points

If you’re part of the RBC Avion Points program, there’s a sale right now on various Apple iPads.

The deal is being touted as a Father’s Day sale, allowing customers to buy an iPad using their Avion points or points and credit card.

“There’s an iPad for every dad”, reads the RBC Avion rewards page. “Save up to 20% on select models. Pay with points or points plus credit card.” The sale ends on June 2, 2023.

How to get started? Log into your Avion Rewards account, click on “Father’s Day iPad Sale”, pick the items you want and then check out.

If you have a treasure trove of RBC Avion Rewards points this might be a decent iPad sale to jump on. Last fall, Apple increased the prices across its entire iPad lineup in Canada. If there’s a way to save a few bucks on an iPad, this might be it.

Other RBC offers for iPad include this freebie if you switch over to an eligible account.

Right now, has $30 off the iPad 9 if you’re looking for a sale. More iPad deals will be sure to debut in the coming weeks.

[via RFD]