Telus Concludes Data Breach Probe Over Customer Data

telus cyber security

Back in February, Telus launched an investigation into claims of a data breach of its source code and also what was said to be employee info up for sale on the dark web.

At the time, the apparent data that was put up for sale claimed to include the names and email addresses of over 76,000 Telus employees.

Back in February, the company told BleepingComputer, “We are investigating claims that a small amount of data related to internal TELUS source code and select TELUS team members’ information has appeared on the dark web.”

Telus recently emailed customers about the February 23 “cybersecurity incident” and offered up one year of Telus Online Security Ultimate powered by Norton, which includes notifications for bank and credit checks by unauthorized parties, according to information shared by iPhone in Canada readers.

After reaching out to Telus for clarification, the company told iPhone in Canada it has since completed its investigation of the “incident”.

“We have concluded our investigation of this incident and have discovered that no systems used to support our customers were impacted, and that TELUS Health and TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods were not impacted in any way,” said Telus.

But the company admitted some customer data was possibly accessed by an “unauthorized third party”, which is a textbook definition of a hack or data breach.

“We also discovered that a small amount of customer data may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party,” said Telus on Thursday on its website.

“While our ongoing monitoring has not discovered evidence of any personal information appearing in any public forum, we will be notifying impacted customers in the coming days,” added the company.

We’ve asked Telus for clarification on the possible data that was accessed, specifically what number “small amount” relates to. We’ll update this story accordingly.

Did you get any emails from Telus recently about this “cyber security incident” from February?