Apple No Longer Signing iOS 16.4.1, Preventing Users From Downgrading

Apple is no longer supporting iOS 16.4.1 following the launch of iOS 16.5 earlier this month on May 18th. As the Cupertino company routinely does, the older piece of software is no longer being signed by the company, preventing users from downgrading.

iOS 16.4.1 was first released on April 7 and was a quickly launched update to iOS 16.4. Primarily, the piece of software was designed to address minor bugs and hiccups caused by its predecessor. As reported by MacRumors, Apple is no longer being signed.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to many long-time iPhone users. Apple typically refrains from signing older pieces of software after a period of time. Apple encourages users to stay up-to-date and continually update their hardware. However, there is normally a grace period where users can downgrade in the event that a new piece of software contains an issue or a bug that is detrimental to user experience.

Upon the launch of iOS 16.5, Apple introduced a number of “enhancements” and security updates for iPhone. Additionally, Apple’s new software offers the new Pride wallpaper for Pride month alongside a Sports tab for Apple News. Plus, users can expect bug fixes for Spotlight, Podcasts on CarPlay and Screen Time.