Here are Gmail Features Powered by AI to Try

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Gmail is set to make email composing more user-friendly than ever with the roll-out of a new AI-powered feature called “Help me write,” according to an announcement made at this year’s Google I/O conference. This addition is the latest in a suite of AI-powered tools that have been introduced over the years, enhancing user experience in managing, composing, and replying to emails.

Among these AI-enabled features, the “Help me write” tool stands out. It simplifies email drafting by creating entire email drafts based on user prompts. This feature is currently available in the Workspace Labs program and users can express their interest to join the program through online sign-ups. The “Help me write” feature allows users to dictate the tone and length of the email, with options for a formal, elaborate, or shorter email. Who needs to think anymore at the office?

Generative AI large language models power the “Help me write” feature. These models interpret user prompts and decide the best combination of words to meet their requests. The technology used in this feature is an extension of the past generative models used for Gmail’s Smart Compose and Smart Reply features.

Other AI-powered features include Smart Compose, which assists users in writing their emails by providing suggestions along the way. Smart Compose uses a hybrid language generation model and runs it on Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), allowing users to integrate wording suggestions into their drafts with a simple tap of the “Tab” button. Additionally, Smart Compose is available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Smart Reply, another handy feature, generates up to three possible responses to incoming emails, allowing users to respond quickly. The system uses advanced machine learning technology to provide nuanced responses rather than simple yes, no, or maybe answers.

Furthermore, Gmail’s tabbed inbox, powered by machine learning, sorts incoming emails into five different tabs based on who sent the email, thereby enhancing inbox organization. Summary Cards present key details from information-heavy emails, such as flight details or shopping purchase confirmations, at the top of the message. Lastly, the Nudging feature reminds users to reply to or follow up on important emails they might have missed.

These AI-powered features make using Gmail just a bit easier especially when your inbox is exploding. We have yet to try the ‘Help me write’ feature but will follow up when we get the chance.

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