DoorDash iOS App Code Hints at AI Chatbot Feature

The latest version of DoorDash’s iOS app hints at the potential addition of an AI chatbot, named DashAI. The evidence found within the app’s code suggests the platform is exploring ways to enhance user experience with artificial intelligence, according to The Tape Drive.

This ‘conversational AI’, as described within the app’s code, is designed to assist users in finding restaurants and placing orders. Examples of possible interactions include queries like “Can you show me some highly rated and affordable dinner options nearby?” and “What’s a place that delivers burgers that also has really good salad options?”

While it’s crucial to note that these developments are still in an experimental phase, the very existence of such a feature in the app’s code indicates DoorDash’s interest in leveraging AI technology to further improve its service.

AI chatbots like DashAI could offer numerous benefits to DoorDash’s customers. They could make finding restaurants that cater to specific preferences – be it dietary restrictions or budget – much easier. Additionally, they could streamline the order placement process, saving users valuable time, suggests developer Steve Moser, who discovered the code.

Moreover, AI chatbots could become invaluable tools in customer support. From answering questions about orders to troubleshooting problems and processing refunds, DashAI could significantly improve the customer service experience on the DoorDash platform.

While the public release timeline for DashAI remains unclear, the early evidence points to a strong commitment from DoorDash in using AI to enhance the overall customer experience. Welcome to the ongoing transition to AI-everything, folks.

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