X to Soon Enable Email Sharing for Subscribers Confirms Musk

According to a recent X News Daily post regarding X’s future plans, the social media giant is planning to introduce an email-sharing option for subscribers.

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This feature aims to enhance the platform’s functionality, possibly for newsletter purposes, and enable creators to seamlessly transfer their email lists to other platforms.

Here’s the post:

“X is working on adding an option to share your email when you Subscribe to an creator.

This could be for a newsletter function and/or to allow creators to easily take their email list with them to other platforms, as Elon has previously promised.”

Elon Musk himself echoed this announcement by sharing the post, reaffirming the platform’s dedication to empowering creators.

He emphasized the importance of granting creators the freedom to migrate their subscriber base from X to other platforms when they deem it necessary.

“It’s vital that creators be able to leave our platform at any time and take their subscribers with them. We want to give peace of mind to creators that they’re not trapped here if they build a large audience,” wrote Musk.


This move represents X’s commitment to providing creators with the flexibility and control they need to manage their content and subscriber base.

By allowing creators to share subscriber emails, X aims to foster an environment that promotes the growth and success of content creators while maintaining their autonomy.

As X continues to evolve its platform and offerings, the implementation of this feature is poised to offer creators enhanced versatility in managing their subscriber interactions and leveraging their subscriber data.

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