How Apple’s Vision Pro is Fueling Developer Excitement

Whether seen as a groundbreaking device or a potential investment risk, Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset is undoubtedly igniting conversations about it.

Vision pro labs

For Apple, the Vision Pro’s success hinges on developers embracing the platform and creating compelling apps. A barren app store for the Vision Pro would be detrimental to its potential success.

In an exclusive interview with DigitalTrends, Apple execs Susan Prescott and Steve Sinclair disclosed their strategies to win over developers and why consumers should be excited.

Apple is confident that developers are genuinely excited about the Vision Pro, despite earlier reports suggesting tepid interest. According to Prescott, the labs where developers collaborate with Apple have received exceptionally positive feedback, implying strong interest.

Similarly, Sinclair highlighted that the number of SDK downloads surpassed expectations.

Apple believes that showcasing Vision Pro’s capabilities at WWDC and enabling hands-on experiences significantly influenced developer enthusiasm.

Developers have also chimed in, emphasizing the importance of hands-on sessions to inspire them. Ryan McLeod, a game designer, stressed that these sessions were crucial for smaller indie teams to thrive on the platform.

Apple Vision Pro video

Apple’s approach includes labs, online resources, a loan program for Vision Pro headsets, and compatibility evaluations to guide developers.

The company aims to ensure that not only are there numerous apps available for Vision Pro, but that they work seamlessly.

Siddarth Satish of Stryker sees Vision Pro’s potential in specialized industries like healthcare, where it could reduce the need for bespoke hardware and democratize access for developers.

While some developers acknowledge the risks, they find excitement in exploring new interaction concepts and creating memorable XR experiences.

Apple also acknowledges the challenge of convincing consumers to adopt a large, expensive headset. To address this, Apple emphasizes the immersive spatial experiences the Vision Pro offers, aiming to make users forget they’re wearing a device.

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