Freedom Mobile Launches ‘Free’ iPhone 15 Promo with TradeUp

freedom mobile iphone 15

Quebecor’s Freedom Mobile has introduced a limited-time promotion offering customers a ‘free’ iPhone 15 when they purchase an iPhone 15 series phone and participate in the TradeUp program.

The offer is available exclusively at participating Freedom Mobile retail locations and is subject to change or cancellation without notice. A one-time connection fee of up to $45 will be applied to each new line or device activation or upgrade.

To qualify for the promotion, customers must:

  • Activate a new service or upgrade to an iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, or 15 Pro Max on an eligible plan costing $65 or more per month after Digital Discount, under a 24-month service agreement.
  • Activate a second new service or upgrade a second line to an iPhone 15 (128GB) for $0 upfront, with a retail price of $1,129. The offer includes $312 in MyTab savings, $337 in TradeUp amount, and $480 in service credits, totalling $1,129 in savings, with eligible plan ($65+ per month after Digital Discount)

Both phones must be activated on the same account on the same day, each under a 24-month service agreement. Customers will receive $480 in service credits, applied as a $20 monthly credit for up to 24 months, to offset the $20/month MyTab with TradeUp charge on the second eligible line. Credits will begin to appear on the second bill and will continue as long as the account remains in good standing and eligibility criteria are met.

The promotion comes with several caveats, including early cancellation fees and ineligibility for other recurring discount promotions, except for the Digital Discount. Customers will forfeit the credit and become ineligible for the promotion if they downgrade their plan, return either phone, or port their number away from Freedom Mobile.

Freedom Mobile’s TradeUp Phone Return Program provides customers with upfront savings on new phones when they sign up for an eligible 2-year plan. This results in lower monthly payments for the phone.

Under the program, customers have two options at the end of the 2-year term:

  • Return the phone in eligible condition.
  • Pay the TradeUp amount saved upfront and keep the phone.

Customers can also opt to TradeUp again at the end of the 2-year term by returning their phone in eligible condition and upgrading to the latest eligible phone.

Financially, the program offers some savings when jumping on a 24-month Tab. With TradeUp, customers pay $21 per month with no upfront payment and receive upfront TradeUp savings of $336. Without TradeUp, customers would pay $35 per month with no upfront payment and no upfront savings.

Freedom Mobile iPhone 15 Series Pricing with TradeUp

  • Phone 15 Pro Max
    • $49/mo. with TradeUp
    • From $0, Save up to $573
    • With $50/mo. plan for 24 months
  • iPhone 15 Pro
    • $40/mo. with TradeUp
    • From $0, Save up to $489
    • With $50/mo. plan for 24 months
  • iPhone 15 Plus
    • $38/mo. with TradeUp
    • From $0, Save up to $367
    • With $50/mo. plan for 24 months
  • iPhone 15
    • $33/mo. with TradeUp
    • From $0, Save up to $337
    • With $45/mo. plan for 24 months

The Freedom iPhone 15 offer is seen as a competitive move to attract new customers and retain existing ones, and comes as Apple’s iPhone 15 pre-orders kicked off yesterday, ahead of the public launch on Friday, September 22, 2023.

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