Amazon Prime Video to Introduce Ad Breaks, Starting in ‘Early 2024’ [Update]

[Update 5:26 AM PT] Amazon Prime Video Canada has confirmed it is “not making changes in 2024 to the current price of Prime membership.” Shared with iPhone in Canada, the company confirmed it will include “limited advertisements in Canada,” starting in early 2024.

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video is confirmed to be offering a new ad-free option and “will share the price of that option at a later date.” Current subscribers will be notified several weeks before ads are introduced with more information on the ad-free option.

Original story:

Amazon Prime Video is reportedly following in the footsteps of Netflix and is looking to introduce ad breaks to its subscription service.

While the streaming service has yet to unveil any firm plans, Variety reports that the company is looking to run “fewer ads” when compared to traditional broadcast. However, with the new commercial integration plan, viewers may see upwards of four minutes of ads per hour. It appears as though Amazon is maintaining the benchmark of ad time seen across the streamers, particularly in the U.S.

While the introduction of an ad tier on streaming services is less common in Canada, Popular competitors like Netflix, Disney+, MAX, etc. have introduced ads across their services in various markets. It’s believed that commercials will first be introduced in “early 2024” and will hit Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Germany as part of the first phase. Following this, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Australia will receive ads “later in the year.”

An ad-free experience will still be provided. However, the report claims that Amazon will enable viewers to stream content sans commercials for an additional $2.99 USD (around $4.02 CAD).

A major difference in Amazon’s approach versus that of Netflix’s is that it appears as though Prime Video’s ads will integrate into the core service available today. When Netflix introduced ads in Canada last year, it did so via a much cheaper $5.99 monthly service. Disney+ is also due to receive an ad tier in Canada, starting on November 1st. Once again, the company is introducing an entry-level tier, priced at $7.99 per month with 1080p resolution. Even Crave offers commercials within its cheaper $9.99/month plan.

Plans can ultimately change so it will be interesting to see if Amazon does alter its plans or pricing prior to its rollout next year.

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