iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14: Subtle and Major Differences [VIDEO]

iphone 15 vs iphone 14

YouTube reviewers Max Tech have shared an excellent iPhone 15 versus iPhone 14 comparison across various metrics including design, display, performance, camera, and speakers.

When it comes to design and display, the iPhone 15 takes a leap forward. The device features a matte back glass that is resistant to fingerprints, in contrast to the iPhone 14’s glossy back which is prone to smudging. Additionally, the iPhone 15 introduces a USB-C port and is accompanied by a braided charging cable for the first time. The device also boasts thinner bezels and eliminates the notch, offering a more premium look compared to its predecessor.

In terms of performance, both phones are closely matched. The iPhone 15 is powered by the A16 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 14 houses the A15 Bionic chip. Both devices come with 6GB of RAM. However, the clock speeds differ slightly, with the iPhone 15 running at 3.45 GHz and the iPhone 14 at 3.23 GHz. Benchmark tests indicate a 13% improvement in single-core and an 18.5% improvement in multi-core performance for the iPhone 15.

The camera features also show both subtle and significant differences. Both phones are equipped with a 12-megapixel selfie camera, but the iPhone 15 adds a new portrait mode feature. The main camera sensor on the iPhone 15 is a new 48-megapixel unit, allowing for higher resolution photos. The device also introduces a 2X crop button for better quality in zoomed-in shots and can zoom up to 10x, whereas the iPhone 14 has a maximum zoom of 5x.

As for the speakers and other features, the earpiece speaker on the iPhone 15 is three times thinner than that on the iPhone 14. Despite this, the sound quality from the speakers on both phones was found to be nearly identical.

The iPhone 15 offers a range of both subtle and major upgrades over the iPhone 14, making it a compelling choice for potential buyers. “This is probably a bigger deal than the 15 Pros,” said Max Tech. You now get the Dynamic Island with Face ID, plus a screen from last year’s iPhone 14 Pro smartphones.

Check out the detailed video below:

YouTube video

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