Camera Test: iPhone 15 Pro Max vs S23 Ultra vs Pixel 7 Pro [VIDEOS]

iphone 15 pro max vs s23 ultra vs pixel 7 pro

Tech YouTube channel Max Tech has shared what it says is an unbiased camera comparison was conducted between the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Unlabeled photos and videos from three different phones are shown, and Max Tech hosts and a guest need to pick their favourites. After, the results are revealed.

The test involved multiple scenarios, including low-light conditions, portraits, and zoom shots. The iPhone 15 Pro Max showed strong performance in low-light conditions and portraits, while the Pixel 7 Pro excelled in detail and color balance. The S23 Ultra had mixed results but performed well in zoom shots.

When it came to zoom shots, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was often favoured for its quality and detail. However, the S23 Ultra was not far behind, particularly excelling when using its 10x lens.

In portrait mode, the iPhone 15 Pro Max continued to dominate, capturing fine details like hair strands with precision. The Pixel 7 Pro also received commendation for its colour representation in these shots. As for low-light conditions, the iPhone 15 Pro Max outperformed the other two devices, capturing more detail and less noise.

The Pixel 7 Pro had its own set of strengths, particularly in capturing detail and maintaining natural-looking colours, especially in regular 1x shots. On the other hand, the S23 Ultra had a mixed performance. While it did well in zoom shots, it lagged behind in low-light conditions and portraits.

Check out the Max Tech video below:

YouTube video

AuthentTech did the same test and it’s also worth a watch below:

YouTube video

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