Apple News+ Crossword Puzzles in Canada are Coming


Apple News+ is expanding its offerings in Canada with the introduction of a Puzzles feature, according to information shared by iPhone in Canada readers.

Initially launched in the U.S. when the first iOS 17 beta was out for developers, the Puzzles feature is showing up for Canadians testing iOS 17.1 beta. Apple News+ subscribers will have access to daily crossword and crossword mini puzzles. Non-subscribers may also get limited access to some puzzles for free.

The Puzzles feature can be accessed in multiple ways within the Apple News app. Users can tap on the ‘Following’ tab and then select ‘Puzzles,’ or they can go to the ‘Today’ feed and find the Puzzles group.

Once in the Puzzles feed, users can choose between different types of puzzles, such as crossword or crossword mini, and follow specific feeds for each type. The puzzles come with varying levels of difficulty—easy, moderate, or challenging.

So far, we’re seeing Crossword and Crossword Mini available in Canada within Apple New+ on iOS 17.1 beta.

Puzzles apple news following

Users have the flexibility to solve puzzles in different views. In the traditional grid view, clues appear below the puzzle, and users can enter answers using the keyboard. Alternatively, a list view displays clues and answers in a list format. The feature also includes a timer, which pauses if the user leaves and returns later.

Additional options are available for users who need assistance while solving puzzles. The ‘Puzzles Options’ button provides features like ‘Autocheck,’ which checks the letters entered for correctness. Users can also choose to reveal answers or clear the puzzle to start afresh.

Settings within the Puzzles feature allow users to customize their experience further. Options include showing or hiding a timer, highlighting linked clues, and setting preferences for square selection. Users can also turn on notifications specifically for puzzles.

The Puzzles feature aligns with Apple’s strategy to enhance user engagement within its Apple News+ service. For those that love daily crossword puzzles, this new addition coming for everyone when iOS 17.1 releases, will add one more thing to your morning routine or coffee break.

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