Apple Pencil 3 Could Include Magnetic Tips for Different Drawing Styles

Apple Pencil 3 may offer various magnetic tips to accommodate different drawing styles, according to the latest report.

Word comes by way of a leaker known online as Majin Bu, seen by MacRumors. On X (formerly Twitter), this user claims that. “Apple Pencil 3 will come with interchangeable magnetic tips.”

According to the leaker, Apple Pencil 3 can offer different writing styles, including drawing, technical drawing, and painting. Each tip will be interchangeable with magnetic support, securing each top to the Apple Pencil 3, supposedly. Majin Bu claims that the information comes from “my source reported.”

Apple has not officially spoken of any such new iteration of the Apple Pencil. In fact, it’s been quiet on the Apple Pencil 3 front for quite some time. In 2021, it was believed that Apple may reveal a successor to the current Apple Pencil. However, the company never released a new product in the Apple Pencil line.

At the time, it was believed that Apple Pencil 3 would feature an updated tip design. However, there was no new pointing to a magnetic tip or interchangeable tips for different styles. Instead, a leaker known as Mr. White claimed that the Apple Pencil 3 would have a glossy finish, a shorter body, and a deeper tip.

Largely, it was believed that Apple Pencil 3, if it ever did exist in the form that Mr. White claimed, was canceled. Perhaps Majin Bu’s source is correct and that the company has returned to the drawing board. That said, this leaker doesn’t have the best track record. Thus, it’s best to take this claim with a grain of salt until Apple announces anything formally.

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