Strange iPhone Bug Causing Some Phones to Turn Off During the Night

A strange new iPhone bug appears to be turning off some iPhone models throughout the night. This issue is seemingly only affecting a small number of users but is worrying nonetheless to those using the phone as an alarm.

Discussions regarding the bug first began on Reddit, first discovered by 9to5Mac, where a user discovered that their iPhone turned off mysteriously for four hours during the night. By checking the ‘Battery’ setting and seeing the charging status, u/nathan_lesage discovered that the device was seemingly off between 3 AM and 7 AM.

What inspired the user to check their battery charge status was upon waking up, they were asked to re-enter their PIN. This is a notable sign that the device has been turned off or restarted.

Other users began chiming in with very similar experiences. Many share that they are running their iPhones off of iOS 17.0.3. The software seems to be a common denominator as some users report the bug occurring on an iPhone 13 series device, iPhone 14, and even the latest iPhone 15 line.

In one case, a user had the issue impact not one but two of their iPhones. On a separate Reddit thread, u/Theblobsnark reports waking up on his own, late for work. It’s said that upon waking up, their phone’s alarm screen was up with the snooze option. However, the phone didn’t chime. The same issue impacted the user’s son that very morning.

Unfortunately, as of now, it doesn’t seem like there is any way to prevent the issue. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear to be a mass issue. The other factor is that it doesn’t seem to impact users every night. Therefore, it may be sporadic or a one-time issue. Either way, users who rely on a morning alarm should be cautious.

Apple has yet to comment on the matter. It may take some time to iron out the software as a result of iOS 17.0.3.

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