M3 MacBook Pro Test: 8GB RAM vs 16GB RAM

m3 macbook pro 8gb ram

While Apple has tried to defend offering its new entry M3 MacBook Pro with a paltry 8GB of RAM, a new real-world test has put this to the test compared to an upgraded version with 16GB of RAM.

Max Tech’s video shows how the 8GB and 16GB models handle multitasking in a bunch of tests.

In one notable test, the 8GB model was significantly slower when exporting 50 42-megapixel images in Lightroom Classic, while simultaneously managing multiple browser tabs. The 8GB version took over five minutes to complete the task under a load of 20 browser tabs, in stark contrast to the 16GB model, which finished in just over a minute regardless of the number of open tabs​​.

But when using Final Cut Pro and changing video from 4K ProRes RAW to ProRES, there was only a 5-second difference between the 8GB and 16GB RAM models, with the latter taking the crown.

These findings suggest that while the 8GB M3 MacBook Pro might suffice for users with less demanding needs, it struggles with more intensive multitasking tasks. The performance gap between the 8GB and 16GB models becomes apparent under heavier workloads. The 8GB model’s limitations in handling simultaneous applications and processes effectively make it a less ideal choice for professionals seeking to maximize productivity​​.

Check out the video below–it’s clear 16GB is the choice if you’re buying a new M3 MacBook Pro, but it will cost you $250 CAD extra. At this price point you’re getting close to the M3 Pro with 18GB of RAM. Apple is always forcing consumers into a decision…

YouTube video

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