Microsoft Offers OpenAI Staff Matching Compensation Amidst Turmoil

Amidst the upheaval at OpenAI following Sam Altman’s sudden departure as CEO, Microsoft has extended a proposition to match compensation for employees potentially considering an exit from the organization.

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According to CNBC News, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott addressed OpenAI staff in a post on X, assuring them of a corresponding role at Microsoft with comparable compensation to further their shared mission.

However, it remains uncertain if this offer is contingent upon Altman’s potential employment at Microsoft, as Scott didn’t respond to the publication’s request for clarification.

Nonetheless, this announcement sheds some light on Microsoft’s willingness to pay and potentially recruit OpenAI personnel.

The future trajectory of OpenAI remains uncertain, particularly regarding Altman’s professional whereabouts.

Earlier, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella indicated that Altman, alongside Greg Brockman and their associates, would form part of a new AI research unit within Microsoft.

This announcement prompted over 600 OpenAI employees to signal their intention to join their former leaders at Microsoft unless the current board members resigned.

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Nadella’s recent statements, however, reflect a shift in the situation, hinting at alterations in OpenAI’s governance.

While Nadella expressed interest in maintaining the partnership with OpenAI, it hinges on the employees’ decision to stay or transition to Microsoft.

The dismissal of Altman by OpenAI’s board stemmed from issues concerning inconsistent communication, leading to negotiations over his potential reinstatement.

Presently, Emmett Shear takes the interim helm post-Altman’s removal.

The situation at OpenAI continues to evolve, with the uncertainty lingering over the organization’s leadership and the potential migration of employees to Microsoft.

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