Google Admits Gemini AI Model Demo was Faked

google gemini

Google recently unveiled Gemini, its new AI model now featured in Bard and also the Pixel 8 Pro.

The power of the Gemini AI model, showcased in a video that has garnered attention on social media, is designed to perform complex tasks such as detecting magic tricks and excelling in accountancy exams. However, Google has acknowledged that the video was edited, leading to doubts about the real-time capabilities of Gemini.

The demonstration, contrary to initial impressions, was not conducted in real-time or through voice. A Google spokesperson clarified to Bloomberg Opinion, the video was made “using still image frames from the footage, and prompting via text.”

This admission reveals a significant difference from the seamless voice interaction with Gemini responding in real-time, as initially suggested. Additionally, the video did not specify that the demo likely involved Gemini Ultra, a model yet to be released.

The video below has already seen over 1.9 million views in two days. The description does say, “For the purposes of this demo, latency has been reduced and Gemini outputs have been shortened for brevity.” After news broke that the demo was staged, the comments section took a turn for the worse (yikes):

YouTube video

Google’s comparison table shows Gemini Ultra marginally outperforming OpenAI’s year-old GPT-4 model. With the anticipated release of Gemini Ultra in early January, its position as the top model may be short-lived, especially considering OpenAI’s development of GPT-5.

The broader aim of Google’s marketing strategy is to emphasize its extensive AI research team and unparalleled data access. This includes plans to integrate less-capable versions of Gemini into Chrome, Android, and Pixel phones. However, Google’s history of showcasing impressive but ultimately limited tech demonstrations, such as Duplex, and its bureaucratic structure have often delayed its product releases compared to more agile companies like OpenAI (despite the latter’s recent boardroom drama).

As for when Google Bard will be coming to Canada? A spokesperson told iPhone in Canada it would be happening “soon”, with the new update coming after the federal government settled with company over the contentious Online News Act.

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