Meta Passes 30% Apple ‘Tax’ from Boosted Posts to iOS Customers

Meta announced today it will add a 30% fee for advertisers purchasing boosted posts through Facebook and Instagram apps on iOS devices.

This is in response to Apple’s October 2022 update to its App Store Review Guidelines, which mandates that sales of “boosted” posts in social media apps must use the company’s App Store’s in-app purchase. That means Apple gets its 30% cut off any boosted posts and transactions.

Meta’s change means customers are now paying the 30% Apple “tax”. The change will be starting later this month in the U.S., and expanding to other countries in 2024. Using Apple’s in-app payments system means advertisers will need to pay right away if boosting via iOS apps.

How to bypass the 30% Apple fee? Buy your boosted posts on the web. “Specifically, advertisers can access and on both desktop computers or a mobile web browser to boost their content. When doing this, they will have all the same features as boosting posts from the iOS apps, except now they will avoid the Apple service charge,” explained Meta.

“We have always required that purchases of digital goods and services within apps must use In-App Purchase,” said Apple in a statement to MacRumors, in response to Meta’s change. “Boosting, which allows an individual or organization to pay to increase the reach of a post or profile, is a digital service — so of course In-App Purchase is required. This has always been the case and there are many examples of apps that do it successfully.”

Meta has also updated its Business Help Centre to detail four ways to avoid Apple’s 30% service charge:

Utilize for Boosting Content: Advertisers can boost content or add funds to their accounts directly through This method, accessible via a computer or any preferred mobile web browser, offers the same functionalities as boosting through the Facebook iOS app but without the Apple service charge.

Prepay Funds Through Payment Settings: By adding prepaid funds to their advertising account from the payment settings on a computer or mobile web browser, advertisers can use these funds to boost posts on the Facebook iOS app fee-free. This approach allows for greater flexibility and cost-efficiency in managing ad budgets.

Leverage Meta Business Suite: The Meta Business Suite app, or its web version, provides a comprehensive platform for managing and boosting content across various channels. By using Meta Business Suite, advertisers can avoid Apple’s service charges while benefiting from a unified advertising experience.

Create Ads via Meta Ads Manager: For a more tailored advertising approach, downloading the Meta Ads Manager app or accessing it on a computer enables advertisers to create and manage ads without incurring Apple’s service fees. This tool offers extensive features for ad creation and optimization, ensuring maximum impact for each campaign.

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