Apple Says iPhone 15 Battery Life Now Better Than Expected

Apple has announced a significant update to the battery cycle lifespan for its iPhone 15 series, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In a move that improves the longevity of its latest smartphones, Apple has revised the battery’s capacity retention from 80% at 500 complete charge cycles to 80% at 1000 complete charge cycles.

This improvement, as reported to 9to5Mac, comes as part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to refine battery components and power management systems. The company’s testing, which simulated common usage scenarios, involved charging and discharging the battery 1000 times, demonstrating the enhanced durability of the iPhone 15’s battery under typical conditions.

Of course, this update is only for the iPhone 15 lineup, with previous models maintaining the original rating of up to 80% capacity retention at 500 complete charge cycles. However, Apple has noted that it is also investigating the potential for similar improvements in older iPhone models.

“With iPhone 15 models with iOS 17.4 and later, you can see your battery health, when your battery was manufactured, when it was first used, the cycle count, and if a battery replacement is recommended. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health,” says Apple.

Apple’s definition of battery capacity highlights the natural chemical aging process of batteries, which can lead to reduced hours of usage between charges. The capacity of a battery, measured relative to its condition when new, decreases over time.

For iPhone 15 owners interested in monitoring their device’s battery health, Apple has made it possible to check the charge cycle count directly within the Settings app. This feature, however, is not available for older iPhone models. This feature was first seen in today’s release of iOS 17.4 beta 4.

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