Seneca Polytechnic to Create AI Tutor for Students with Microsoft

Seneca polytechnic

Toronto’s Seneca Polytechnic has announced a partnership with Microsoft to incorporate Azure AI technology into its educational offerings, in the form of an AI tutor for students and staff, in what will be a first in Canada.

This upcoming AI tutor will bring personalized job interview simulations to enhance learning and job readiness among students.

“I am delighted that Seneca is partnering with Microsoft to bring responsible and innovative AI technology to the forefront of the teaching and learning experience for our students and employees,” said David Agnew, President of Seneca Polytechnic, in a statement to iPhone in Canada.

The AI tutor, leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI, will provide a personalized learning experience, offering students outside classroom support, personalized quizzes, and feedback on homework. Say good bye to your old school tutor found on Craigslist.

“AI innovation is transforming today’s classrooms, unlocking new possibilities for student success, creativity, and learning,” added Marc Seaman, Vice President of the Education Sector at Microsoft Canada.

Seneca employees will soon benefit from the integration of Microsoft Copilot to streamline various tasks and improve efficiency. Copilot can summarize info quickly, give detailed explanations for math problems, improve writing skills, and quickly find answers with links to resources. Copilot will also help write code through natural language requests.

The partnership will enhance InStage, a platform developed at Seneca’s HELIX incubator, with Azure AI to offer personalized job interview simulations, providing students with valuable feedback on their performance.

Microsoft’s Azure AI tech will also improve The Service Hub, the school’s omnichannel destination for student support, along with other resources that service students and employees.

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