Win a Zero Gravity Experience as Part of Oreo’s Space Dunk Launch in Canada

Oreo is celebrating the launch of its new ‘Space Dunk’ cookies by offering Canadians the chance to a once-in-a-lifetime Zero Gravity Experience.

Keeping up with the out-of-this-world theme of the cookies, adventurous Canadians can enter a contest hosted by Oreo and The Zero-G Experience. The winner will then be able to participate in a true weightless experience in a “specially modified Boeing 727.” The modded plane flies in “parabolic arcs” to create an actual weightless environment, enabling participants to float, flip, and experience what zero gravity is like in space.

The Zero-G Experience typically starts at $9,900 in Canada and offers 15 full parabolas, a flight suit, merch, a pin, and photos and videos taken during the experience.

To have a chance to win, Canadians can check out the ‘Lift Off with Oreo’ website. Alternatively, every pack of Space Dunk Oreos has a scannable QR code. Additional Oreo-branded space-themed prizes are also being given away. The contest is open now and runs through May 31, 2024. No purchase is necessary to enter

Oreo’s Space Dunk cookies launched in Canada and other global markets. They feature layers of blue and pink “cosmic creme” with marshmallowy flavour and popping candies that create a supernova-like bursting sensation (can personally confirm they are otherworldly). Unfortunately, they’ll only be available for a limited time.

“With over 110 years of history, OREO continues to show up in cultural moments and give fans new, unexpected ways to live our brand purpose and stay playful”, said Lexie Lubov, Brand Manager of Oreo. “That’s why we’re launching a first-of-its-kind OREO cookie that not only gives Canadians a ‘taste’ of space but also comes with a chance to experience Zero Gravity”.

On top of giving Canadians a chance to feel like they’re in space, Oreo sent a pack of Space Dunk cookies to space. Travelling 120,000 feet up, footage was taken of these tasty treats in a -70 degree Celsius atmosphere with near zero air pressure.

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