OnePlus Watch 2 Review

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The OnePlus Watch 2 distinguishes itself in the smartwatch market through a blend of elegance and advanced technology, powered by Google’s Wear OS 4. We got the chance to go hands-on with the OnePlus Watch 2 so here’s our brief review.

This latest Watch 2 from OnePlus has a stainless steel chassis, which makes it look like a real watch and not some sort of obvious smart watch. This choice of material not only enhances the watch’s visual appeal but adds to its durability. The whole watch feels heavy and well-built. The watch’s face, protected by a 2.5D sapphire crystal, ranks over 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, virtually eliminating concerns over scratches and damage in daily use.

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Despite its robust build, the OnePlus Watch 2’s weight is more pronounced compared to lighter alternatives like the Apple Watch Series 9, potentially impacting user comfort during prolonged wear or intense physical activities. This aspect is particularly noticeable in scenarios requiring agility and freedom of movement, such as playing tennis, where the watch’s heft was definitely felt by us. More on that later.

One of the standout features of the OnePlus Watch 2 is its exceptional battery life, a result of the Dual-Engine Architecture. This system not only extends usage times significantly—up to 100 hours in Smart Mode and 12 days in Power Saver Mode—but also ensures that the watch’s performance and efficiency are optimized.

The inclusion of OnePlus’ 7.5W VOOC Fast Charging technology addresses the needs of users with demanding schedules, offering a full charge in just 60 minutes and a day’s worth of battery life in a mere ten minutes. We did a casual test of its battery life and we were impressed. With casual wear of the watch (no sleep tracking) it lasted from Thursday morning at 100% down to 24% on a Tuesday and counting. Apple Watch can’t come close to this.

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The watch operates on Wear OS 4, providing seamless integration with Google’s ecosystem, including Google Maps, Assistant, Wallet, and Calendar. This integration, coupled with access to a broad array of apps through Google Play, enhances the watch’s utility, making it a versatile companion for managing daily tasks and activities. However, the limitation to two years of software updates may affect the watch’s long-term appeal, when competitors offer more updates (even Apple Watch gets more than two years).

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Unique to its class, the OnePlus Watch 2 offers dual GPS frequencies (L5 and L1), ensuring super detailed location tracking accuracy. This feature, combined with the health and fitness tracking capabilities of the OHealth app, positions the watch as an excellent choice when it comes to fitness. The app has over 100 sports tracking modes, offer some pretty specific details.

There is a heart rate monitor but no ECG. Testing the heart rate monitor versus an Apple Watch Series 9 resulted in the same numbers, just off by 1 or 2 beats. The blood oxygen track on the OnePlus Watch 2 was a bit sensitive and finicky and took a couple of tries to get a reading, with remaining extra still a requirement. This isn’t the same as Apple Watch Series 9 for example.

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The watch’s singular size option and the noticeable weight due to its stainless steel construction may limit its appeal to users seeking a lighter, more customizable wearable experience. The weight is particularly evident in sports modes, where comfort and ease of movement are crucial.

Tennis Mode is pretty cool as it tracks tennis-centric stats like the number of shots played, to go with serves, forehands, backhands and top swing speed. You also get to see a breakdown of forehand topspins/slices and the same for backhands. I tried tennis mode and it was pretty cool seeing detailed stats. But you have to wear the watch on the arm you’re swinging with. I found the heavy stainless steel to be uncomfortable on my wrist while playing tennis, especially on forehands.

Check out our tennis stats below:

Wear OS 4 tennis

In conclusion, the OnePlus Watch 2 looks and feels like a great watch. We had some compliments on the tennis court. Its premium build quality, advanced health and fitness tracking features, and long battery life make it a compelling choice for users looking for a durable, stylish smartwatch. It’s a bit big as only one size is available and there’s no ECG available or fall detection though.

Pricing for the OnePlus Watch 2 in Canada is from $399.99, with a $60 trade-in offer available if you trade in any watch in any condition. If you buy a OnePlus 12 you can save $270 off (that makes the watch just $139), and if you buy a OnePlus 12R or OnePlus Open you can save $130 off the OnePlus Watch 2.

The OnePlus Watch 2 will launch sales on March 4 on its website and one week later on Amazon. Pre-orders are available now.

All images were taken with a OnePlus 12R

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